Architects and Engineers

You are a professional architect or engineer. When you engage your clients on the scope of work, advise them that your team will include professionals on all aspects of work including expertise in architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as communications. Inform them you will be working with an RCDD. What’s an RCDD? To find out more about RCDDs, who they are, what they do and why you should have an RCDD on your project team...Click Here.

IT Professionals

You are an IT Professional. You know how to make the computer/technology assets of your company work. You effectively manage day to day IT challenges around the office and throughout the company. Are you up to speed on the very latest in standards, design and equipment currently available that will enable your company to get the next level? To find out how working with an RCDD can leverage current assets, anticipate future requirements and plan accordingly for your company’s growth...Click Here.

Business Owners

You are a successful business owner or you intend to be. You recognize the need and cost of communications technology to make your business run effectively. But what exactly do you need? And what about your future plans? To find out what an independent, professional communications expert can do for your company to make sense of today’s requirements and to future proof your communications technology investment...Click Here.

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Public telephone networks, the internet, wireless networks, television and private networks are being consolidated into what is now known as the information technology business.

Information Technology professionals can help you plan and implement fully integrated, not just interoperable, networks.

This means your business can use a single network to serve multiple needs, resulting in more  efficient operations, timely maintenance, and outstanding customer service.